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At Bagdon/Bottles Design and Construction, we provide our customers with the highest quality product offered. As a full-service contracting company we provide a complete range of interior, exterior, small commercial, and design needs. As a FULLY customizable home building team, our designs are tailored to your specific needs, taking the extra steps to make sure you're happy with your home investment.


We design comprehensive plans and build to your customized desires. We’re confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team will quickly impress you with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.


Based in Sarver, PA.


A custom home is a house that is designed and built to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. Unlike a production home, which is built from a set of pre-designed floor plans and may have limited customization options, a custom home is typically tailored to the unique tastes and lifestyle of the homeowner.

The design of our custom homes at Bagdon Bottles are created in collaboration between the homeowner and our team of home builders. The homeowner may have specific requirements for the layout, size, style, and features of the home, and our team will work to incorporate those into the design while also ensuring the home meets building codes and regulations.

Custom homes can be built on a variety of properties, including suburban lots, rural land, and waterfront properties. The cost of building a custom home can vary greatly depending on factors such as the location, size, complexity of the design, and materials used.


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